I or Me

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Ever wondered when you should use ‘I’ or ‘me’? Well, here’s my brief guide on the subject.

I is the first person singular subject pronoun, which means that it should be used when it is the subject of the sentence, that is the person doing the verb.

As in:

I want to go.

This is the one I like.

Magda and I are going to the movies.


Me is an object pronoun, which means that it should be used for the object of the sentence either direct or indirect.

As in:

Ania told me to leave.

She gave me some cheesecake.

He needs to talk to Magnus or me.

Whether you say you and I or you and me in co-ordinate phrases depends on whether they function as subjects or objects in the sentence.

i or me in english

When relating a story, do you wonder whether to say, “Anna and I went to the spa,” or “Anna and me went to the spa.” Here the correct word to use is “Anna and I went to the spa”.

When in doubt you might think about it in another way. Take out the other person, and it should become clearer. For example, you are not likely to say, “Me joined the archery club”, or “Matilda took I to the concert”.

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