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Polish Legends : Boleslaw and his Knights

When King Boleslaw died, Poland lost a very able and brave ruler, one who had united her and made her into a really great country.

One legend claims that Boleslaw, and his Knights who fought with him for he was a great warrior and earned his title of the Brave, by routing Poland's enemies he went into a mountain called Giewont. This mountain forms part of the Tatra mountain range, and its shape, if seen from a certain angle, is like the head of a sleeping Knight.

Within the mountain is a huge dark cavern and there sleeps King Boleslaw and his Knights. They are mounted on horses, with their swords, bow and lances beside them. And if Poland ever needs them, then some one must awake them, and they will ride forth to serve the Polish nation.

But once they have gone forth, they will never return.

This story is very similar to the English legend about King Arthur, who supposedly sleeps under Glastonbury Tor in England. - The home of the English language online.
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